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About Us

About Us

If you own investment property, then chances are good that you've been plagued with familiar problems like:

  • Irresponsible residents
  • High rates of vacancy
  • Excessive maintenance costs
  • Delinquent rents

These same problems confront many other investment property owners like you.

United Metro Properties can help you eliminate them. Through our property owner protection services, you will enjoy all the benefits of investment ownership while saying goodbye to the hassles of everyday problem solving. Our professional staff will help to increase your cash flow, reduce your expenses, and maintain your real estate investment at its top market value.

We take pride in offering owners a full range of property management, marketing and maintenance services. All these services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of our complex local real estate market.

At United Metro Properties, our goal is to protect the value of your property, maximize its current return, and preserve its long term investment potential. We offer these comprehensive leasing, property management and maintenance services to ensure that these goals are met.

Understanding your personal goals and needs is at the heart of everything we do. Our motto is “Property Management doesn’t cost – it Pays”.

At United Metro you're treated like family!

Our Team

President / Designated Broker: KENNETH M. REISS

Extension 102 / Fax # 623-889-7740 / email address: ken@unitedmetro.com

Vice President / Associate Broker: JUSTIN REISS

Extension 112 / Fax # 623-889-7739 / email address: justin@unitedmetro.com
Move out inspections, general property inspections, HOA violations, property listings and sales

Rent Collection / Evictions: ANGELA AUTEN

Office Administrator
Extension 109 / Fax # 623-889-7738 / email address: angela@unitedmetro.com
Tenant communications including rent collections and evictions, if necessary.

Maintenance Supervisor / Administrator: JESSE HARLE

Extension 105 / Fax # 623-889-7734 / email address: jesse@unitedmetro.com
Tenant maintenance calls and property re-habilitation during vacancies and questions regarding maintenance expenses.

Maintenance Assistant: JESSICA KAPLAN

Extension 106 / Fax # 623-889-7733 / email address: jessica@unitedmetro.com

Leasing Administrator GLENN SCHNEIDER

Extension 113 / Fax # 623-889-7737 / email address: glenn@unitedmetro.com
Glenn handles all aspects of leasing and renewals.

Leasing Assistant: CARRIE EIDSON

Extension 111 / Fax # 623-889-7736 / email address: carrie@unitedmetro.com
Glenn's assistant.